Video Training Series

Volume 1 Vol. 1 Getting Started
The fundamentals of everything you need to know to get started in the exciting sport of sea kayaking. World-renowned author and instructor Nigel Foster gives you the detailed information you need including the history of kayaking, boat selection, hull design, gear, clothing and safety equipment. Whether you are a seasoned paddler or just about to purchase your first boat, this tape is packed full of information that will make you a better paddler.

Volume 2 Vol. 2 Essential Strokes
Paddling forward, turning, moving sideways and backwards, Essential Strokes examines the quiver of techniques required to get you around in your kayak. Go beyond the essential safety procedure that you practice in case you should overturn. Learn how to rescue another paddler, and how to help in your own rescue. This volume offers a good grounding in essential skills.

Volume 3 Vol. 3 Directional Control
Quit fighting the effects of wind, current and waves and learn how to make your boat go exactly where you want, when you want. World-renowned author and instructor Nigel Foster gives you multiple layers of techniques, blends one with another and highlights why certain techniques work better than others depending on the conditions. “Directional Control” will teach you the secrets of paddling in a straight line or turning with ease regardless of wind direction. Regardless of your skill level, this is a must have tape which is loaded with essential information that will help you become an efficient and safe paddler.

Volume 4 Vol. 4 Rescues
A capsize to a kayaker may be an inconvenience but should not be a problem. “Rescues” offers both mental and technical solutions. Learn how to empty a kayak at sea, how to re-enter your own kayak from the water, and how to take control of a rescue until the swimmer is safely back in their kayak. A number of different techniques are covered with guidance as to how to decide which method is best for each situation.

Volume 5 Vol. 5 Forward Paddling
Keep up with your paddling friends with the minimum of effort. Learn good blade placement, efficient application of power and how to keep a straight course without wasting precious energy. What causes blade flutter and why do kayaks weathercock? What part do your feet, legs and torso play in your forward stroke, and how can you modify your stroke to take advantage of a following sea? Learn the answers and much more from someone who has fine-tuned the forward stroke through thousands of miles of expedition paddling.

Volume 6 Vol. 6 Rolling and Bracing
If you have a reliable roll and brace, your confidence level in a kayak will rise to new levels. Nigel Foster looks at some non-intimidating ways to learn a roll, examines the essential components of different braces and a variety of practical everyday rolling techniques.

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